Serendipity Nail Polish CEO talks Empowering Women Through Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Owner and Founder of Serendipity Nail Polish, Roxie, shares that she started her own nail polish line because she wanted to create a nail polish that both empowers women and is safe to use. “I know from experience that when I get my nails done I feel more confident and love to show off my nails so I wanted to provide that to other women. Plus, I’ve always been a nail polish lover so that had a lot to do with it,” Roxie says. 

Serendipity Nail Polish is vegan friendly, gluten free, and is not tested on animals. The nail polishes are designed in Orange County, CA and are made to be opaque, long lasting, non- staining, quick dry and super shiny.

Roxie also mentioned that her mother has been a positive influence in her life. “She has always been a hard worker and does anything to get things done. She inspires me to be the best that I can be and motivates me to accomplish my goals.”

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