The Women Behind Noir + Wanderlust: Taking it to the Next Level

“Keep on struckin’ sis!” Those are just a few words of wisdom that bloggers/podcasters Suma Lattin and Jenelle Parrish have for women looking to start their own business.

When we asked the women behind the blog Noir + Wanderlust who they were inspired by there was a universal theme of strength and perseverance...

Suma: “Yvonne Hall Gomez - my grandma, because there have been so many times where she could have stopped and quit, but she didn’t. That’s why I’m a woman that never quits."

Jenelle: “My mother Felicia. She is the epitome of strong in my eyes. I’ve literally never witnessed my mother have a weak moment. She’s a hard-working woman of God and the realist person on my team. I am a full-blown mama’s girl. LOL. My Leo twin. " 

From reading their blog it's easy to see that they were raised by strong influences. From discussing music, sex and dating, and heavier topics involving race relations, Suma and Jenelle are no holds barred when it comes to sharing their thoughts. It was only natural that they expand their platform to include a podcast: N+W Presents Shaded and Faded: The Fucking Podcast. Their favorite episode so far was their sex episode, where they talked about men, relationships and sex with their two guests. Their main goal right now is to continue to grow Noir + Wanderlust as a brand and move to NYC for even more opportunities.

One thing that they would like people to walk away with after listening to their podcast: “That black women are complex, so that means that we are marginalized and that we are striving to be seen as regular, every day people. Also, that we say the things that a lot of people think or won’t say. As long as people can laugh and relate to our show, that’s all that matters.”

To learn more about these BAD ASS CHICKS visit them at  and on social media at @NoirWanderlust

Jenesis Laforcarde