Chewing Gum Season 2: Keeping it Real, Weird and Sexy

This week we saw the return of the hilarious Netflix comedy, Chewing Gum. If you're unfamiliar, Chewing Gum follows the day to day life of Tracey Gordon (played by Michaela Cole), a 24 year old, sex-crazed virgin who can best be described as…eccentric. 

The season picks up three months after Tracey and her boyfriend walk off into the sunset after being kicked out of their homes, and just like in season 1 Tracey is still a hot mess. This time around however, it seems that there's a little bit more a maturity to her….Just a little bit though. You can find plenty of things about Tracey that most would consider unlikeable in the real world: she's outlandish, she does WAY too much to try to get a man and she doesn't have much of a filter. Ironically, those are the things that make me love this character. Aside from the HBO shows Girls and Insecure, we don't see very many depictions of women on tv who are kind of weird and a little bit lost in life while still being seen as sexually desirable. That's why these shows, including Chewing Gum, have gotten such huge female followings straight out of the gate, they're REAL! Women aren't all perfect and put together. Some of us are socially awkward, financially unstable, confused about life and just all around weird. That's the vibe that Michaela Cole brings to her character, Tracey, in Chewing Gum

Tracey Gordon is unapologetically weird, but there's no shortage of people who love her for it. She's also unapologetically trying to lose her v-card for which there's also no shortage of men willing to take her up on her offer, but her approach to certain situations tends to put a damper on things. However, with each hilariously failed attempt at having sex she somehow manages to gain a moment of self empowerment and perseverance. But don't be mistaken, she's never trying to be some prim and proper lady in waiting. Like she told her mom on the show… she just wants to be Rihanna. I feel ya girl! I feel ya! 

If you enjoy seeing women who are bold, confident and little on the stranger side - you should definitely head over to Netflix and give Chewing Gum a go. It won't disappoint.