Jenesis Laforcarde talks Saying "Yes" to being a Hustler

This past weekend, Woman's Touch Apparel designer/owner, Jenesis Laforcarde, sat down and spoke with radio personality, Kali Kat, at HER Collection's Voices event. The event was a chance for entrepreneurs to go and hear a first hand account of setting out to start your own brand. It was a no holds barred conversation where Laforcarde gave her honest thoughts on trying to make it in an industry that has the potential to make you or break you. 

"To get into this industry, you've really got to work harder than the person next to you." This was Laforcarde's first response when asked how she got her start in styling and fashion. "You've got to work hard and be 'yes' girl."

Much of her recollections and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs followed the theme of hustling and staying ahead of the curve to get to the next level.

"My day usually starts at 4:00am....Most of my clients are on the east coast so I want to be ready before them. As soon as I get up - I'm answering emails, making phone calls, shipping orders and having meetings. I like to plan things out by the week to keep myself organized and prepared." 

Her response to being asked how she mentally prepares for making phone calls with her clients...

"I don't answer calls that I'm not prepared for."

On networking - 

"Go to networking events even when you don't want to. Do your research about the people you want to meet. Reach out to them on social media so they become familiar with you and are excited to see you at these events. 80% of my relationships are because I went to an event and met people." 

On deciding what networking events she needs to go to:

"Anything that has to do with women empowerment I'm going to. I think it's important to surround yourself with women who believe in the same thing you do."

Laforcarde briefly touched on her inspiration to start Woman's Touch Apparel, which was jump-started after doing research on women rights in Saudi Arabia and learning how badly they were mistreated. She stated that it was then that she wanted to create something to give a voice to women and empower them. 

"It's important to wear clothing that has meaning other than how big your pockets are, and I love hearing people's stories about what Woman's Touch Apparel means to them. We have a customer who buys something from us once a month as a way of showing love to herself!"

Jenesis' long term goal is to help women know that they can gain high positions and love themselves while still having personal and romantic relationships. "I want to help women become entrepreneurs while still having families. We need someone to empower us, or else we're still going to be in a generation where only men are doctors and women are nurses. Society isn't going to give that us. We have to take it!" 


Voices highlights women dominating in their creative careers. They have partnered with Young Artist Society, an Arizona based non-profit organization dedicated to teaching practical skills through a creative arts curriculum, allowing students a new perspective on how to learn by cultivating community leaders and teaching business skills necessary to work in an arts related field and bring value to the marketplace.

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Jenesis Laforcarde