Make a statement this semester with Woman's Touch Apparel

Hey independent women! School is almost back in session, and that means it's almost time for cool weather, football, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! It also means that you get to break out your favorite pair of fall boots. You know which pair I'm talkin' about.. The pair that makes you feel like you're about to kick ass and take names as you make your way across campus. Or maybe you like your college badassery to take a more subtle approach - like sitting in class, accessories dangling off your arm while you take notes like a lady boss. Just wait until they catch you in the boardroom....However you like your pre-professional style to look, it should make a statement, and nothing speaks louder than the bold pieces from Woman's Touch Apparel. Whether you want people to know that you're a future C.E.O, a whole lotta woman, or that you can pay your own bills - we've got something for everyone. So take a look below and let us help you head back to campus in style.

T shirts with a statement

1. CEO T


Back to school with a little edge

6. Vintage Queen Jacket 

Jenesis Laforcarde