Anti Boys Crew Tee

Anti Boys Crew Tee

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Woman’s Touch Apparel and Alexander Atlas collabration,”Anti-Boys Real Ones Only” t-shirt.

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Woman's Touch Apparel is happy to collaborate with The Boys You Don't Take Home: Game Secrets by emerging writer Alexander Atlas! 

Let’s face it: the dating game isn’t fun for women who always lose. 

Alexander Atlas — a man who was used to winning — knows how the dating game works. He played it himself for years before settling down, and watched woman after woman fall for the same tricks. 

In his new, brazenly honest dating guide, The Boys You Don’t Take Home: Game Secrets, Atlas takes women inside the male mind and shares his past, one-sided relationship perspective. Using colorful, lesson-packed anecdotes, he introduces readers to the “mama’s boy,” the “bad boy,” the “player” and the “scrub” and shares his tips for spotting their deceitful tricks and traps. 

Atlas covers a wide range of topics that include:

  • How to identify “Mr. Wrong”
  • How to move on from heartache and heartbreak
  • The telltale signs of cheating
  • Dealing with rejection
  • How to use your relationship as inspiration for personal success
  • Understanding the signs of emotional abuse 
  • How to stop wasting your time on unworthy men 


Readers may recognize some of their own dating mistakes and disasters between the covers of The Boys You Don’t Take Home, and that’s the point! Atlas wants to help women everywhere make better relationship choices. 

Alexander Atlas writes both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to The Boys You Don’t Take Home: Game Secrets, Atlas is also the author of the companion piece, The Girls You Don’t Take Home to Mama (published in 2016). He is also working on two novels: Napoleon’s Way and From Prey 2 Predator as well as his third self-help installment, The Girls You Don’t Take Home: Pandemonium and Chaos. A father of two daughters as well as a motivational fitness trainer, Alexander Atlas incorporates self-improvement into all facets of his life. 

Sometimes dating is like playing a dangerous game of CHESS. Your heart is on the line, and there are men out there who won’t treat it with the care and respect it deserves. 

Author Alexander Atlas has seen these “boys you don’t take home” and knows every scheme in the playbook. He’s now written a candid, easy-to-read guidebook to reveal the true intentions of some less-than-honorable types of men.

Using amusing real-life anecdotes, Atlas discusses how to outplay the player, the bad boy, the mama’s boy, the scrub, and others you may encounter. He explains why someone who seems exciting and passionate can still be just plain wrong for you. Age doesn’t determine maturity, and so many single men are stuck in perpetual adolescence. With the help and advice from Alexander Atlas in this practical guide, you can stop dating “The Boys” altogether and find a man worthy of your time and devotion.