Visionary, Girl Boss, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Feminist, and Philanthropist.

Jenesis Laforcarde, Founded Woman’s Touch Apparel to fill a missing niche in the world of fashion. Laforcarde is taking the fashion world by storm on the heels of the neo feminist movement that her line speaks to. As a buyer and fashion/ wardrobe stylist, Jenesis has worked throughout the world in all capacities including showing at New York Fashion Week and being the lead designer and fashion show coordinator for the Amber Rose Slut Walk. 

This multi-talented, young, fashion designer has been known for her relentless determination, ambition, and desire to make her mark on the fashion world.

Her motivation for Woman’s Touch Apparel was inspired while researching the rights of Saudi Arabian Women. She became vividly aware of the mistreatment of women from this region and was driven by their muted voices and the social injustices they faced-“Woman’s Touch” Apparel was born. 

Woman’s Touch Apparel is more than a fashion line, it is an avid community of women enthusiast who are committed to empowerment and becoming agents of change throughout the globe. 

We do make a difference and deserve to be heard and seen as the beautiful creatures we are. 

“If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BEHOLD!”